Email Marketing

Email Marketing is very often overlooked and can be the be best place to start, growing and communicating with your existing customers to generate new sales or engagement.

It’s important to communicate with your customers who have purchased from you before, as they are the most likely to purchase from you again.

Whether the best outlet is a weekly newsletter or something less frequent, we will set you up with email client managers that are reliable, easy-to use, and provide measurable analytics.

We have been delivering email marketing services to businesses and establishments, for many years and our creative and experienced team can help get you started on your email marketing adventure, to move your business/organisation forward.

We have access to many email platforms that will suit your business or organisation that will be easy to use, and will deliver your email marketing campaign as smoothly as possible.

Our team will also advise on how to comply with GDPR, to make sure you are legally compliant